Over 120 Buddha images from Nyaungyan Period discovered in PyinOoLwin

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May 19, 2018

Over 120 Buddha images from the Nyaungyan period (1605- 1752) in Myanmar history were discovered at a village in PyinOoLwin Township recently during the conservation of two pagodas.
        The villagers found the Buddha images when they cleared a banyan tree which covered the two pagodas at the Shwelamin Monastery in Pinlein East Village in PyinOoLwin Township.
        The antiques were found inside the relic chambers of the two pagodas. The villagers made the conservation efforts following a suggestion from a 80-year-old villager that there were two pagodas under the banyan trees.
        “The Buddha images are from the Nyaungyan Period, and they are believed to be about 400 years old,” said Tanmawady U Win Maung, a prominent expert for historic architecture in Myanmar.

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