New Myaungmya Bridge to open next April

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May 18, 2018

New Myaungmya Bridge is expected to open in April 2019, sources said.
        The new bridge began construction from May 1 2017 before the old suspension bridge collapsed and was initially expected to take two years time to finish it. The new bridge’s design, drawn by J & M Steel Solution, was altered to finish the bridge early after the old bridge was collapsed on April 1. Now the project is about 20 per cent finished and is expected to open in next April, according to Ayeyawady region government.
        “The project is developed by a special group from Road and Bridge Department. A total of 23 out of 40 bored piles are built between RP1 and RP4. We installed two machines to build RP2 and RP3 at the same time. The important things are foundation and bored piles. The work is expected to finish at the end of May. The main frame of the bridge was drawn by J & M Steel Solution and will be sent to the project area after alterations. Five out of nine piles built for a road which approaches the bridge in Myaungmya side have been built and the remaining beams are expected to finish in May. The spun pile foundations of all nine piles in Pathein side are finished,” said Win Htay, Region Minister for Electricity, Transport and Industry.
        Locals from Myaungmya and Labutta faced difficulties after Myaungmya suspension bridge collapsed. People are worried about the safety of 29 suspension bridges built similar to the Myaungmya suspension bridge.

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