Yangon Region Gov’t plans to develop deep seaport project and SEZ project

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May 15, 2018

Yangon Region government plans to develop a deep seaport project and a special economic zone project on a 50,000-acre land in Yangon, said Yangon Region Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein.
        “A jetty can be built at the mouth of Sea in Yangon. We can develop Yangon special economic zone project like Thilawa Special Economic Zone Project on the other side of Yangon,” said the Chief Minister..
        “The jetty can be moved to the sea. Currently, Yangon jetty located at the heart of Yangon cannot operate its service round the clock. Loading and unloading operations can be carried out in the compound of Yangon jetty. But trucks find it difficult to transport containers to industrial zones during the day. A motorcade is allowed in case of emergency, he added.
        The region government is making negotiation with the Union government on the construction of Yangon SEZ project on the other side of Yangon.
        There is demand for more around-the-clock cargo jetties as there currently exists Thilawa jetty that conveniently services industrial zones in east Yangon as it is located on the east bank of Yangon River.
        Container trucks have to make 40-mile drives from Thilawa jetty to industrial zones in Hlaingtharyar and Shwepyithar Townships on the west of Yangon. The route will be about 10 miles if the jetty is built on the west of Yangon.
        Yangon jetty accounts for more than 90 per cent of the total marine trade. The government will invite foreign investors to turn other coastal jetties into international ones, according to Ministry of Transport and Communications.
        According to the geographical location, the country’s coastal area is 1,385 miles in length. There are nine jetties. Of them, Yangon jetty is the international jetty. A total of 36 ships can be moored at two jetties at the same time. Yangon jetty is classified into two—Yangon and Thilawa jetty.
        In 1996, the government started allowing joint-venture investments on the operation of jetties. Now it accounts for 93.6 per cent while the government’s direct operation represents 6.4 per cent.

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