Fish market declines after Saudi import suspension

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Apr 10, 2018

Myanmar's fish market is collapsing after Saudi Arabia has suspended import of fish and prawn citing diseases, said Win Kyaing, general secretary of Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF).
        Myanmar had to export 30 percent of farmed fish and 41 percent of carp to Saudi Arabia.
        "Regarding the suspension, MFF sent letters to four departments in Saudi Arabia. We explained the whole process. We told them import of prawn, not fish, could be suspended. We export our produce to Saudi Arabia directly or via UAE. Thirty percent of all fish and 41 percent of carp went there. In carp market, prices have collapsed and we have difficulty with production cost," said Win Kyaing.
        Previously, one viss (1.63 kilograms) of carp was priced at K3,200 and now it has gone down to K2,600.
        According the announcement of OIE-World Organisation for Animal Health, Saudi Arabia suspended fish and prawn imports from Myanmar effective from April 1 because its marine creatures carry while tale disease.
        "With the firm reason, Saudi Arabia suspended import. But we have to explain this. While tale disease has something to do with prawn only. So we have demanded them not to stop fish import. We are open to them if they want to make an inspection. We will let them inspect in both fish farms and cold storage factories. We told the deputy head of mission from the Saudi embassy. We have also asked for arrangements to call a meeting between private traders and government officials," said Win Kyaing.

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