MP demands action against rogue gold miners

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Feb 13, 2018

An MP has called for action against gold-mining companies that continue their operation despite a termination order.
        MP Shwin Htay from Kani Township, Sagaing Region, said he would raise the issue in the regional parliament since the waste from illegal goldmines had destroyed over 100 acres of arable land in Longmin village.
        “A regional MP has issued a termination order since 2017 but some goldmines are still running,” said the MP.
        The agriculture, livestock, natural resources and environmental conservation committee had studied the spoiled fields in Longmin, he added.
        “It would be better if we have a law that enables farmers to demand compensation from mining companies. The money could help them recover the soil.”
        The gold mining should be operated in line with effective rules and regulations, the MP argued.
        Farmers have claimed slag from goldmines by the Natnan River destroyed 108 acres of summer paddy in Longmin and demanded a recovery plan.
        “About 49 acres are completely destroyed because they are covered with the waist-deep mud. We have spread seeds on another 58 acres. But it’s been over 20 days and there is no sign of sprouts yet,” said a farmer.
        The village is home to 120 farming families. The farmers said they had difficulty paying back agricultural loans because the fields were not successful.

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