Telecom operators agree not to distribute free SIM cards

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Feb 13, 2018

All three telecom operators have agreed not to sell SIM cards free of charge and not lower than the fixed price, according to a joint announcement made by the operators.
        All operators pledged to help to develop the nation, to provide the best services for their customers and good practices in the market. They agreed to make fair competition based on principles set by the respective authorities and agreed to follow best practices in the telecommunications sector and business guidelines ethically.
        The SIM card price is fixed by the pricing and tariff regulatory framework set by the Directorate of Telecommunications on June 28 last year.
        Operators need to avoid distributing free SIM cards and selling or distributing mobile services and handsets lower than the agreed price.
        According to the operators, there are more than 50 millions mobile phone users.
        They have promised improvement network coverage in remote areas and to make investment in building infrastructure and better 4G network services.
        The new operator Mytel, which is planning to provide services at the end of this month, is in negotiation with the Directorate of Telecommunications to distribute SIM cards free of charge and sell SIM cards with promotions. If their plans are not approved by the department, they will sell their SIM cards under the current agreement.
        Mytel is planning to sell its SIM cards nationwide before or just after the Thingyan Festival.

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