Myanmar parliament discusses possible casino business

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Feb 12, 2018

Union Minister Ohn Maung for Hotels and Tourism says foreigners-only casinos would be allowed to operate at island resorts after the country’s gambling law is relaxed.
        MP Aung Hlaing Win for Mingaladon Constituency asked a question on Friday in the Lower House in Nay Pyi Taw as to whether the government had any plan to allow the foreigners-only casinos in island resorts to generate more income from the hotels and tourism sector and taxes for the government.
        “Although casinos are banned under the current gambling law, the concerned ministry has no objection against them. After the law is revised, they will be allowed,” said Ohn Maung.
        The Central Committee for the Development of the National Tourism Industry held a meeting on December 1 last year and discussed possible permission for casinos as the main item on the agenda. Ohn Maung made a suggestion to revise the law if necessary for the sake of the country’s tourism development during the meeting.
        MP Aung Hlaing Win said, “It’s aimed to generate income for foreign tourists. There are very good businesses in Macao and Singapore. Our country has large sum of foreign debt that we need to pay back. We need to find solutions to make money for the debt. Casinos could be a major source of income.”

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