Illegal gold mines silting up Kachin lake: study

Source : Daily Eleven
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Feb 09, 2018

A lake in Kachin State has been silted up by slag from illegal gold mines, a study has found.
        A survey has found about 200 acres of silt had been dumped into the Indawgyi Lake from 2006 to 2017.
        Experts from London University and an institution in Germany found in February 2017 that the dumped soil from goldmines had been deposited in the lake’s catchment areas.
        As a result, the fields by the river are flooded and the fish population has dropped, according to the experts.
        “Since July we have shut down illegal gold mines. It will take time to dredge up the silt,” said Maung Win, administrator of the Indawgyi wildlife sanctuary adjoining the lake.
        Lab results apparently found mercury and lead in a water sample taken from the lake and the fish were found to contain mercury.
        The sanctuary covers 201,389 acres and there is reportedly no plan to expand it.

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