GAC to Sell GS3 2018 Model in March

Source : Myanmar Business Today
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Feb 04, 2018

Chinese carmaker GAC Motor plans to introduce its GS3 2018 to Myanmar market in March as the company seeks to build a presence in the young new car market.
        GS3 2018, a SUV model, is perfect for bumpy roads and mountain roads because it is equipped traction control, and it is also equipped with a safety protection system for car crashes.
        ‘‘GAC, even though it’s made in China, they can compete with other brands. Some customers have doubts about Chinese products. It is true that GAC is produced by a Chinese automaker but the auto parts for GAC are imported from Europe and built in China. So, we guarantee the guarantee,’’ Daw San Pwint Phyu, Sale and Consultant from GAC Motor Myanmar, told Myanmar Business Today.
        GS3 2018 The new model is available in five different colours: black, red and yellow. Customers can order in advance and choose the color as they like, there will be about a one and a half month wait for delivery.
        GAC Motor Myanmar will sell GS3 2018 at $29,888 and will also sell in a three-year installment payment program through CB Bank and AYA Bank with 30 percent down payment.
        They will also give a guarantee of 5 years or 100,000 km and provide free maintenance service for 3 years or 60,000 km.
        The prices are ranged by different models, GS8 4WD at $66,888, GS8 2WD at $62,888, GS5 at $53,888, GS4 43,888, GA6 $42,888, GA8 66,888. GAC Motor will give special discount of K8.8 million for customers who buy GAC’s autos in period from early January to February 16, Chinese New Year.

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