Govt’s mineral export value drops to $295m

Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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Jan 30, 2018

The Myanmar government exported mineral products worth US$295 million between last April and 19 January of this year, according to the Commerce Ministry.
        When compared with the same period of last fiscal year, the government’s mineral exports this year showed a decline of $108 million. At this time last year, the sector sold $403 million worth of mineral products to overseas traders.
        The country’s total exports of mineral products over the past 10 months exceeded $1 billion, including $776 million from the private sector. Despite the decrease in value of the government’s mineral exports, this year saw an increase in value of $387 million from the private sector. According to the ministry, Myanmar also exported $1.8 billion worth of agricultural products, animal and marine products, forest products, manufactured goods and more in the current fiscal year.

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