Foreign investment reaches US$4.7 billion so far in 2017-2018

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Dec 06, 2017

Foreign investment volume has reached more than US$4.7 billion until November of the 2017-2018 fiscal year, a source from the Myanmar Investment Commission said.
        The meeting No 16/2017 of Myanmar Investment Commission was held at the office of Directorate of Investment and Company Registration in Yangon on November 30. The meeting granted a permission to an enterprise to run with foreign investment and approved three enterprises.
        Moreover, the investment committees of Yangon, Bago and Ayeyawady Regions approved six enterprises during the meeting. The enterprises total 10 and the investment volume is $161.465 million.
        The 10 approved enterprises include six industry sectors: one each in communications and transport sector, two in the farming sector and one in the livestock and fisheries sector.
        Until November of the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the number of enterprises to run with foreign investment have totalled 136, with an investment volume of $4,477.087 million.
        Under the Law of Special Economic Zone, Thilawa SEZ received another foreign investment of $236.579 million during 2017-2018. Therefore, the foreign investment volume has reached $4,713.666 million.
        Investment committees at state and regional levels have also allowed enterprises with foreign investment of US$5 million or K6000 million of local currency. The DICA is opening its branch offices in the states and regions.
        Translated by Win Htut

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