Thai employer refuses pay, threatens with gun

Source : Daily Eleven
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Dec 06, 2017

On December 4, around 200 disgruntled Myanmar workers demanding overtime payment from their Thai boss was turned away at gunpoint.
        The workers from a Tha Kham, a town in Southern Thailand, reported the incident to the Thai authorities that on top of having to work 10 hours per day and threatened with a firearm, they also suffered physical abuse from lackeys of the boss.
        According to the AAC, a migrant workers activist group, Thai authorities reportedly took care of the problem as the employer had agreed to pay up the full amount of overtime wages as well as important documents that were forcibly taken away from some of the migrant workers.
        Ye Min from the AAC said,” Two workers were beaten by the employer’s lackeys and sent to the hospital when the workers tried to demand overtime fees. Thai authorities took charge and the employer has agreed to pay up as well as return travel documents such as CIs. He also claimed that those that are interested can remain behind to work with him but most workers are afraid to do so.”

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