‘Aircraft component’ falls on home in Pathein

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Dec 05, 2017

An object believed to be a piece of an aircraft fell onto a home in Pathein, Ayeyawady Region, on Sunday, piercing the corrugated iron roof. No one was injured.
        Homeowner Thet Oo heard a loud bang coming from the top of his home at around 6pm on December 3. When he and his wife inspected the ceiling, they saw a flat, white object poking through.
        Thet Oo used a bamboo pole to dislodge the object, which fell to the ground. When he inspected it, he guessed it was an aircraft component.
        “It weighs about 820 grams, and it is 16 inches long and one inch thick,” he told Eleven.
        Pathein Township police chief Myo Thu came and inspected the object. He said: “It is true that it is a component from an aircraft. We still don’t know which aircraft it belonged to.”
        Yesterday, officials from the Pathein air force base came to inspect the object. They ended up taking the object back to the base with them for further inspection.

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