Citizen investments hit $77.28-bn in two months

Source : Daily Eleven
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Dec 04, 2017

The total domestic investments by citizens during September and October, including investment promotion and citizen investments, amounted to nearly 77.28 billion kyats, according to the Myanmar Investment Commission.
        Total internal investments for September, including the citizen investment of US$6.58 million (nearly 8.97 billion kyats) and investment promotions hit nearly 76.88 billion kyats. In October, the citizen investments granted by the MIC reached 392.70 million kyats.
        The construction sector topped the list of investments with 65.78 billion kyats, followed by “other” sectors with 9.1 billion kyats, the industry sector with over 1.99 billion kyats and the farm sector with 400 million kyats.
        The foreign investment, including investment promotion, reached $440.57 million in September and $105.10 million in October, according to the MIC. As of the end of November this fiscal year, there were 153 foreign investments including the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, with total investments worth $4.52 billion.

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