All-Round Youth Development Festival shows Shan paper and lotus robe making process

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Dec 03, 2017

All-Round Youth Development Festival displayed for three days the process of making tradition paper of the ethnic Shans and the lotus robe for monks. The tradition paper or the Shan paper as it is called is the basic material in creating many folk craft including lantern, fans and umbrellas.
        Shan State Social Welfare Department of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement opened a booth where the production process of the traditional items are showed. Shan paper making is a home industry mostly found in some towns of Shan State. Renowned all over Myanmar, Shan paper is made from a kind of jute naturally grows in many parts of Shan mountains.
        The process includes drying, washing, pounding, mixing, molding and other stages. Padomma Lotus is the main raw material lotus robe looming industry. This lotus species can in Inlay Lake of the Shan State where it grows naturally.
        Lotus fiber is used in Myanmar not only for making lotus robe but for human appliances such as wrap, bracelet and key chain made from lotus fiber.
        Exhibition and demonstration for the production of lotus fiber in the booths of the All-Round Youth Development Festival were popular sites for the youths.

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