China imports more than 50,000 tonnes of rice from Myanmar in one week

Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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Dec 03, 2017

CHINA, Myanmar’s largest neighbouring country, imported more than 54,000 tonnes of rice, broken rice and sticky rice from Myanmar between 11 and 17 November of this year, according to border merchants.
        During the aforementioned period, China imported over 76 tonnes of Ngasein Rice, 19,145 tonnes of Emahta Rice and about 319 tonnes of sticky rice via the Muse (105-mile) trade zone, and more than 2,100 tonnes of Ngasein Rice from the Lwejel border gate.
        The world’s most populous country also bought Ngasein Rice weighing 50 tonnes as well as 50 tonnes of broken rice by sea.
        Myanmar earned US$0. 831 million from the export of broken rice weighing 2,775 tonnes to China through borders, including 2,482 tonnes from Muse and 293 tonnes from Jwejel border points of entry.
        Myanmar also exports rice to Bangladesh, Indonesia, European countries, Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, some South African countries and Belgium.
        In the week before 18 November, the country exported more than 60,000 tonnes of rice, broken rice and sticky rice to foreign trade partners via borders and sea routes.

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