Three bodies discovered, murder suspect arrested within hours

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Nov 16, 2017

A murder suspect was arrested within three hours of the discovery of three bodies in Hlinethiri Housing Estate, Ward 9, Hline Township.
        On Wednesday evening, resident of Building 3 in Hlinethiri Housing Estate, Ward 9, Hline Township reported yellowish, rotten-smelling liquids coming out of a locked room.
        When authorities who came to investigate were unable to contact the owners, they forced their way into the room and found the decaying bodies of Ma Kaythi Hline, 40, and her daughter Ma Thayatun, 9, lying on the blood-splattered floor. At the entrance to the bedroom they found the dead body of 25-year-old worker Ma Aye Mar Oo.
        Investigators found out that Zwe Lin Htet, who worked with Ma Kaythi Hline in a restaurant, had a knife wound on his hand.
        A search for Zwe Lin Htet found him at his home in 19 Ward, Shwepyitha Township. Zwe Lin Htet stated that on the morning of 9 November, he and Ma Kaythi Hline were travelling to a restaurant in South Okkalapa Township in Ma Kaythi Hline’s Toyota Wish car when two Toyota Crown cars blocked their vehicle inside the Regional College 2 compound.
        He added that a man came out of one car and attacked Ma Kaythi Hline with a knife.
        Zwe Lin Htett said he received a wound to his hand when he tried to prevent the attack.
        CCTV camera footage along the stated route taken by the Toyota Wish was viewed, but no record of the Toyota Wish was found, Zwe Lin Htet was confronted again with this evidence, at which point he admitted to committing the triple murder. Zwe Lin Htet stated that he went to Ma Kaythi Hline’s room on the morning of 9 November and asked for his salary to be increased.
        Ma Kaythi Hline, who was the manager of the restaurant, refused and an ensuing verbal argument became a physical altercation.
        Zwe Lin Htet said he chased Ma Kaythi Hline into the bedroom trying to punch her as Ma Aye Mar Oo tried to prevent the attack.
        In the bedroom, Ma Kaythi Hline grabbed a knife, which was wrested away by Zwe Lin Htet, who then stabbed both women.
        Hearing the commotion, Ma Thayatun came to prevent the attack but was also stabbed. Upon realising that Ma Thayatun was still alive, he went to the kitchen and brought back a steel meat chopping knife with which he hacked off Ma Thayatun’s head.
        Once all were dead, he took Ks400,000 in cash, gold ornaments, laptops and mobile phones, then locked the door of the apartment from the outside and drove away in Ma Kaythi Hline’s Toyota.
        One of the murder weapons, the meat chopping steel knife, was recovered at the crime scene. Investigators are still trying to recover the knife used to stab the other victims, which was said to have been thrown into the Thandin Creek in Shwepyitha Township.
        The Toyota Wish was found at the house of Kyaw Zin Htike in Sakhangyi Village, Hlegu Township, who was a friend of Zwe Lin Htet.
        Gold ornaments and two mobile phones were recovered from Zwe Lin Htet’s mother Daw Yi Tin, 53 and wife Ma Khin Khin Phyo, 21, in their home at 19 Ward, Shwepyitha Township.
        The two laptops were recovered from a computer shop in Thamaing Butaryone Street, Ward 2, Mayangone Township where it had been sold.

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