Multiple mine explosions on Yangon-Sittway Road

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Nov 16, 2017

A series of landmine explosions on Yangon-Sittway Road in Rakhine State on Wednesday that were apparently targeting convoys of Tatmadaw vehicles resulted in an injury to a pedestrian and extensive damage to several army trucks.
        Three landmines exploded on Wednesday morning on Yangon- Sittway Road near the 84/4 mile marker west of Phar Pyaw (Chin Ywa) in Minbya township, Rakhine State, as three Tatmadaw trucks carrying medicine from Kamni approached, it was learnt. There were no injuries.
        Shrapnel from the explosions caused extensive damage to the three trucks, flattening tyres, shattering windscreens and destroying the bodies of the vehicles, according to a Tatmadaw news release.
        No injuries were reported, it was learnt.
        Later the same day, another landmine exploded near a concrete bridge between the 116/3 and 116/4 mile markers near Vethali Village and Pauktawpyin Village as seven Tatmadaw convoy trucks approached from Minbya. The force of the blast created a 3-feet wide, 1.
       5-feet deep hole in the ground near the bridge and caused some of the concrete from the bridge’s left guard rail to peel off.
        The blast didn’t damage the trucks or Tatmadaw personnel on board, but shrapnel from the explosion hit the left side of the forehead and left ear of nun Daw Thawna Htayri, 64, who was walking from Mrauk U side to Vethali Village. Her condition could not be determined.
        Yesterday morning, security personnel were conducting security measures along the Yangon-Sittway Road when they came upon three suspicious mound of earths 20 feet apart between mile markers 243 and 244 near the border of Kyauktaw and Ponnagyun townships.
        Upon investigation, three mines were found and deactivated. A further search of the vicinity turned up another mine, which was also deactivated. The four mines found yesterday were learnt to be remote-controlled IEDs.

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