At least 20 illegal wildlife trade markets to be shut down in Golden Triangle region

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Nov 14, 2017

The government will shut down at least 20 illegal wildlife markets, shops and restaurants in Golden Triangle region by 2020 with the cooperation of the Wildlife conservation groups, according to a report in the Myawady Daily on Monday.
        Tigers, elephants, bears and pangolins are the most widely traded species in the Golden Triangle border region between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.
        Moreover, rhinoceros, serow, helmeted hornbill, gaur, leopard, and turtles were also included in the list, according to a survey report which is jointly conducted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network.
        “Hundreds of wildlife species are endangered with extinction because of uncontrollable wildlife trade.
        It happened not only in Greater Mekong but also across the world, said an official from WWF (Myanmar).
        Those wildlife species are selling well in the illegal market because of tourists from China and Viet Nam who are travelling to Mongla, Tachileik in Myanmar and Boten and the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos, it is learnt.

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