Untimely rain disrupts rice harvest

Source : Daily Eleven
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Nov 14, 2017

Late rain in Mon State has disrupted the rice harvest, according to farmers. The prices of rice are expected to increase slightly since farmers must work harder and longer and face increased costs to bring in the crops in the rain. U Maung at Tawkapauk village said: “When the rain falls, the roads are muddy. So we have to pay more for transport.”
        Khine Oo, joint secretary of the Mon State Federation of Commerce and Industry, said that the price of a rice sack in the wholesale market rose by Ks2,000 compared to last year’s.
        Prices would go down when the weather was back to normal, he said. The state has nearly 700,000 acres (283,280 hectares) of monsoon paddy and 60 per cent of them are reserved for good-quality rice and 40 per cent for midrange quality.
        Translated by Nay Thiha

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