Repatriated Hindus to be resettled in new village in northern Maungdaw

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Nov 13, 2017

A new village will be built in Ohhtein Village, northern Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, for Hindus returning from Bangladesh, said Rakhine State Chief Minister Nyi Pu.
        He said 174 homes would be built specifically for returning Hindus in the new village.
        “Yesterday, we started a resettlement plan for the Hindu people returning from Bangladesh in Ohhtein Village,” Nyi Pu told media assembled at the district general administration department on November 10.
        A group led by the chief minister toured Maungdaw region beginning November 8 to supervise the tasks for paddy harvesting, stockpiling and sales, along with preparing to re-accept and resettle returning refugees from Bangladesh, including Hindus.
        More than 500 Hindus were among those fleeing to Bangladesh after militant attacks, and the Myanmar government will prioritise their repatriation.
        The Myanmar government is planning to build three large camps to verify the nationality of returnees and re-accept them. Other buildings will be built to house immigration officers and other related departmental officials needed for the processing. Construction will be supervised by a recently formed construction and infrastructure task force.
        The chief minister and his cabinet have visited Taungpyoletwe, Ngakhuya and Ohhtein villages where the three camps will be built.
        Under the repatriation plan, returnees will be re-accepted in five batches weekly. Each batch will include 100 to 150 people. When they arrive, they will be provided with services such as the issuance of national verification cards and biometric records. The Ministry of Health and Sports will provide healthcare services.

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