Rakhine locals urge authorities to check for illegal re-entry

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Nov 13, 2017

Maungdaw local residents have demanded that authorities check and find out if refugees are illegally re-entering the country daily.
        Some of more than 70 residents who attended a November 10 public meeting at Myoma Monastery in Maungdaw Town denounced the United Nations, United States and Britaing for what the residents see as “biased support” for the Muslims. They said they strongly supported recent announcements from Maungdaw’s southern and northern areas about the Rakhine issue and wanted to make similar announcement.
        “Among decisions we made during this meeting, we assumed that the Rakhine state government failed to respond to the previous terror attacks concurrently using its full authority,” said Maungdaw resident Sein Hla Phyu.
        “Some of those [who fled to Bangladesh] are now re-entering illegally,” he said. The residents also asked for the land previously belonging to those who fled to be shared among local people who have no farmland.
        The meeting also chose 13 spokespersons for Maungdaw.
        A November 5 meeting by local residents of the southern part of Maungdaw called for authorities not to re-settle returnees in their original villages as they believe that they pose a risk of carrying out future terrorist attacks.
        The residents also urged authorities to ensure that there are no terrorists hidden among innocent people when re-accepting the refugees who fled.

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