Vehicle Registration Is Now Available Online

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Nov 11, 2017

Yangon — The Road Transport Ad­ministration De­partment (RTAD) has introduced an online en­rollment system for citi­zens to renew their vehi­cle registration. The new website is which is www. and will be effective from early No­vember. This follows the online enrollment system for driving tests, which was introduced in early October.
        The numbers of candi­dates applying for vehicle registration is steadily in­creasing statewide, which is causing traffic jams near the road transporta­tion offices.
        Registration of vehicles is done at the Myinthar office in South Oakalapa or the Ywar Thar Gyi of­fice in East Dagon, U Thein Oo, said.
        “We have lack of personal and a lack of space to han­dle the large number of ve­hicles coming in for renew­al. Some drivers come very early and still waste time during the for registration process,” district director of Road Transport Admin­istration Department, U Thein Oo, said.
        Each weekday, 700 ve­hicles come to the offices to renewal their registra­tion, which costs K50,000 per vehicle. However, the Department of Road Transport Administration offices in Yangon can’t handle all 700 vehicles per day, he added.
        In order to renewal li­cense for a motor vehicle, RTAD performs inspec­tions looking at things like structural integrity and safety checks. Sometimes this process takes a long time and is main source of the backup, so RTAD is considering hand over the vehicle checking pro­cess to private businesses, as is done in many other countries.
        As of September, ap­proximately 531,699 vehi­cles have been registered in the Yangon Region, while 843,891 driving licenses also has been issued in Yangon, ac­cording to statistics from the Department of Road Transport in Yangon Re­gion.
        Application forms can be downloaded from and more detailed informa­tion is available at and

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