Transport authority revokes licence of bus company due to complaints

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Nov 11, 2017

THE Yangon Region Transport Authorities (YRTA) has revoked the bus operator license of Khit Thit Nyeinchanyay Public Co. due to poor service.
        “We have decided to revoke its license as we received a lot of public complaints about its services since the establishment of the YBS system, and found it was unable to provide better service to the public.
        The management of bus lines operating by the aforesaid bus operator has been handed over to other companies”, said Dr. Maung Aung, secretary of the YRTA.
        This decision came after the YRTA’s meeting on 8 November. The bus line increased the number of new buses and extended bus services without the permission of the YRTA.
        There were six bus lines operating under the arrangement of Khit Thit Nyeinchanyay Public Co, including bus lines Nos. 1, 9, 16, 22, 33 and 41.
        Under the new arrangement, Golden Yangon City Co. (JYCT) will manage the operations of bus line Nos. 1, 9 and 16, while the No.
        33 bus line will be under the management of Tran Link Co. Bus line Nos. 22 and 41 will be under the operation of Power Eleven Co. Ko Ta Yoke Lay, an executive director of Power Eleven Co, said: “Transportation is a kind of service business. We are always trying to offer better services to commuters to meet with success in the YBS system.
       ” The YRTA reviews the operation of YBS every three months to check the quality of bus service being offered to the public.
        To reduce the city’s traffic congestion and ensure the systematic operation of bus lines, the Yangon Bus Service (YBS) started operations on 16 January after transport authorities abolished the Ma Hta Tha, the control committee for private bus lines, which managed more than 300 bus lines for many years.
        At the beginning, the YBS started operations around the city with 60 bus lines. Currently, the number of bus lines has increased to 90, according to the YRTA. Yangon hosts a population of more than six million. Of that total, over two million people have to rely on YBS buses on a daily basis.

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