Denmark to inject US$10 million into fishing on Rakhine and Taninthayi coasts

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Nov 10, 2017

Denmark will make an investment of US$10 million in spending on the fishing sector on the coasts of Rakhine and Taninthayi, said Dr Nyunt Wai, head of the Fishing Department of Rakhine State.
        Begin in 2014, the jointly managed programme between Denmark and Myanamar will see the Scandinavian nation inject around US$10 million into fishing on the Rakhine coast and US$5 million on Taninthayi coast, said Nyunt Wai.
        The project is targeted to five villages in Taninthayi and three in Rakhine State. This sustainable coastal fishery project depends on the coooperation of fisheries workers. Freshwater fish ponds will be dug up in 82 ethnic villages in Maungdaw, he said.
        Fish production in Rakhine State sharply declined following the militant attacks in Maungdaw. In order to increase fish production in Rakhine State, fish breeding camps are being established in the villages in Maungdaw.
        A workshop on coastal fishing was conducted in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State on November 7.
        The joint project was designed to address difficulties in the fishing industry from 2016 to 2010. The project was interrupted due to recent controversial actions, but resumed on November 6 with four objectives.
        Frameworks will have to be drawn up in accord with rules and regulations under fisheries laws. Effective management must be implemented by the fisheries department, Denmark, the state government and the local group. Technical assistance will be provided to the fishing workers. Capacity building for the local villagers must be carried out, Dr Nyunt Wai said.

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