Rakhine’s chief minister makes inspection tour to temporary returnee sites

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Nov 10, 2017

Rakhine’s chief minister, made a November 9 inspection tour to designated temporary sites to provide accommodation in accommodation in Taungpyo Letwe and Ngakhura villages to those who are returning to Rakhine State from Bangladesh.
        Nyi Pu, together with Rakhine State’s ministers, arrived in Taungpyo Letwe in the afternoon to check out sites designated for construction of temporary accommodation and to inspect the work now underway.
        The chief minister and party then proceeded to Ngakhura where they looked over work progress at temporary sites there.
        Those returning by land will be accepted in Taungpyo Letwe, while those returning by water will be directed to Ngakhura.
        People returning from Bangladesh will be screened five times a week, with 100 to 150 people accepted for each of the two sites. The relevant government department will issue national verification cards and biometric records will be created. The Ministry of Health and Sports will oversee issues relating to healthcare and health management.
        Those who are accepted at Taungpyo Letwe and Ngakhura will be allowed to stay one night and will be provided food and accommodation. Those allowed to remain would be transported to Darkyisar village and receive temporarily accommodation the next morning.
        Upon arrival at the worksite for construction of the future the new village for Khonedaing (Mro) ethnics, in northern Maungdaw, the chief minister and party discussed matters relating to the construction with the villagers.
        Officials have said that militants had burned the village of Khonedaing (Mro) ethnics and killed six Mro ethnics on August 28.
        The re-construction of the burnt village began on October 16. Work includes building 48 houses, an entrance road to the village and a village assembly hall.
        The chief minister and party discussed the new village site with the villagers and then inspected the land where construction is planned for new villages for the Mro ethnics and Hindus.
        The officials also looked into the harvest of ripe paddy in Maungdaw.

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