Authorities detain a woman claiming K500 M with a fake lottery ticket

Source : Daily Eleven
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Nov 09, 2017

Authorities from Aungbar Lay state lottery department found a fake lottery ticket from a woman who came to claim Ks500 million jackpot, according to an announcement from Ministry of Home Affairs on November 8.
        The woman came to the lottery department to check whether the lottery ticket she owned is a fake one or not and when the department checked it, it is found to be a fake one. Deputy Director Ei Ei Khine from the state lottery department filed a complaint against her at Kyauktada township police station under Section 468 of the Penal Code (for committing forgery) on November 8, the announcement said.
        When the daily eleven contacted the deputy director, she replied that she cannot answer about it yet. She said she will give an answer under rule and regulation when the time is convenience.
        A police officer from Yangon region police force said, “When we interrogated her, she said she went to Bagan for a pilgrimage in August. She bought clothe at a clothe shop and they refunded her the ticket as a small change. And then she forget about it and later she checked it from online whether she won the lottery or not. The jackpot she came to claim was already awarded to the winner from Mandalay.”

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