‘Burmese Python’ Aung La N Sang bests ‘Panther’ in first round

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Nov 04, 2017

In front of a raucous hometown crowd, Aung La N Sang, the One Championship middleweight title holder, defeated his bigger, heavier opponent Alain Ngalani in the first round at Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon.
        Aung La N Sang, also known as the “Burmese Python”, an MMA fighter from Kachin State, won the openweight main event by defeating four-time Muay Thai and Kickboxing Heavyweight World Champion Alain Ngalani, also known as “The Panther”, four minutes and 51 seconds into the first round.
        The One Championship’s world middleweight champion took some shots early from his heavyweight opponent, but then wore the bigger man down to the roars of a wild partisan crowd.
        Ngalani’s strength and physique posed a problem for Aung La N Sang, but in the end, the hometown hero prevailed as he locked his opponent in a chokehold that eventually elicited a submission from Alain Ngalani.
        The fight had a tentative start, with both fighters standing a safe distance from each other. Eventually Ngalani crowded his opponent and manouevred into the top position.
        Aung La N Sang attempted to reverse Ngalani, but the strength difference proved to be a problem.
        Aung La N Sang eventually worked his way back to his feet, only to drop down for an unsuccessful guillotine attempt.
        The Myanmar fighter got back up a second time, though, and committed to the guillotine again.
        This time he held it tightly, and Ngalani was forced to tap out, sending the crowd of Aung La N Sang supporters into a frenzy.
        “Thank you, Myanmar, I love you,” said Aung La N Sang after the match. “Moving up to heavyweight was tough for me. But you guys lifted me.” The bout was a historic night for the country, as there has probably never been two martial artists who possess such world-class skills to compete in Myanmar. Both are wellknown across the world.
        Last night’s win is the second time in five months that Aung La’s supporters have had a reason to celebrate. On 30 June, Aung La N Sang won the One Championship middleweight title in the same stadium.

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