Kyaukphyu soft-shell crab industry faces suspension

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Nov 03, 2017

Due to a shortage of soft-shell crabs, the industry faces suspension in Kyaukphyu Township in Rakhine State.
        Soft-shell crabs are in high demand and fishermen catch young crabs for the market. A shortage of the crustaceans has plagued the industry since late in September and resulted in a high price.
        Ko Aung Naing Lin, the manager of Shwengargyun Soft-shell Export Company from
        Kyaukphyu Township said there is no alternative but to suspend soft-shell crab production and export.
        “We cannot collect sufficient soft-shell crabs. One reason is the transfer of the company’s shares.”
        Entrepreneurs export from 10-13 tonnes of soft-shell crabs monthly to Yangon market via Kyaukphyu, and to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan via a Mandalay-Muse route. Exporters face a loss due to the suspension.
        It takes from 45 to 50 days for soft-shell crabs to grow to harvesting size. They are sold for US$10 (Ks1,355) to 12 per kilo in the international market. The price for a crab has increased from Ks1,800-2,000 to Ks2,200-2,500.
        Translated by Myo Than

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