Huawei Myanmar present CSR report, holds award ceremony

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Oct 31, 2017

Myanmar’s branch of the global ICT giant Huawei held an event on 28th October to announce its 2016-2017 CSR report and a scholarship awarding ceremony to 50 recipients.
        The event, attended by high ranking government dignitaries such as Director General U Win Khine Moe from the Ministry of Education and as well asDeputy Minister for Finance U Set Aung as well as Huawei’s shot callers with other distinguished guests, was held at the Melia Hotel, Yangon.
        Winners of scholarship prize of US$1000 were chosen from top students from 15 Technological Universities and 5 Computer Universities around Myanmar.
        Director General U Win Khine Moe from the Ministry of Educationlauded Huawei Myanmar for its contribution to Myanmar’s education, awarding the honorary certificate to Huawei Myanmar for its exemplary efforts.
        Deputy Minister for Finance mentioned in his speech also that the development of science and technology for Myanmar is crucial to utilize Myanmar’s efforts as a developing nation to play catch-up to the advanced modern societies at large to carve out a future.
        The report, titled “Building a Better Connected Myanmar”, goes through Huawei’s strategy of Bridging the Digital Divide, Supporting Network Stability, Contributing to a Greener World and Supporting Local communities.
        While the report speaks for itself of the tremendous amount of efforts put into CSR by Huawei, its attempts at contributing to the betterment of the ICT sector in Myanmar via scholarships and internships as well as other cooperation with the Ministry of Education is commendable.
        Sowing for a flourishing digital future
        Since Huawei entered Myanmar in 2003 and official registering as a local company in 2011, Huawei had made its presence known as a global leader of ICT solutions.
        Amongst numerous CSR activities, Huawei has so far launched four programs working together with the government and other academic bodies to facilitate the advancement Myanmar’s tech prowess.
        In 2015 Huawei signed a donation agreement with Thanlyin Technological University to implement Huawei Authorized Network Academy (HANA) and celebrated its subsequent launch in February 2016.
        It had also donated laptops to Su Education Foundation in March 2016 as well as awarding scholarships to 50 outstanding students picked from West Yangon Technological University, Technological University (Hmaw Bi), Technological University (Thanlyin) and National Management College.
        In April 2017, Huawei deepened its commitment to the cause by launching “seeds for the future”, a program designed to let Top 10 excellent students from Thanlyin Technological University and Yangon’s University of Computer Studies to go through two weeks training in China.
        Since then, Huawei had helped graduates and students with three months long internships, ICT talent trainings, US$1000 scholarships and study tours in China thus opening up career opportunities by exposure to culture, knowledge, strategies and disciplines practiced by a dominant international brand.
        ChooMyatThwal, the student representative amongst ICT Talent scholarship recipients from University of Computer Studies, said that she was extremely grateful to Huawei for empowering students from technological and computer science fields that are crucial components in building a modern Myanmar.
        “We’re all very happy, especially when organizations like Huawei are organizing scholarships, internships on top of numerous other contributions to society in Myanmar.
        As an IT major, I believe that Information Technology is the future and we’re now in an age where we’re experiencing great advancements in that field. Everything is interconnected via IT,” said ChooMyatThwal.
        She went on to state that she was extremely honored to have more opportunities to have a role to play in the digital future not only for Myanmar but for the world at large, thanks to efforts from organizations such as Huawei.
        Speaking to Zhu Bo, Deputy Managing Director of Huawei Myanmar, his organization remains committed to growing together with Myanmar’s ICT sector.
        “We have been providing the technology and E – education solutions to the education sector to be more intelligent. On the other hand, we have our CSR programs that will provide financial aid and opportunities to allow students to learn in different and/or better environment.
        We did not just concentrate on bettering education for students with Huawei internship. Of course, we would prefer if they’d join us nut we are not putting out any priority treatment for them nor are the points of the programs are to cultivate talent for only Huawei to reap. We want to provide all with the opportunity to learn and to find employment at other IT companies in Myanmar so that they may ultimately contribute to the ICT sector,” said Zhu Bo.

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