Consumer Affairs Department seeks advice on service charges

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Oct 30, 2017

The Consumer Affairs Department has conducted a survey about the service charges collected by restaurants and will release its analysis of survey results, said Swe Tint Kyuu, the director of Consumer Affairs Department.
        The announcement comes on the heels of the fourth meeting of the Central Committee for Consumer Protection, where the advice from regions and states on the issue was discussed.
        Swe Tint Kyuu said the committee was concerned that consumers learn about service charges only when they receive their bill from the restaurant and are not happy to be forced to pay the fee.
        In contrast, he said, restaurants in most Asean countries are required to display menus at the entrance showing food items, prices, and service charges so that customers are informed before ordering.
        “Restaurants need to give information to consumers in advance before entering restaurants,” said Swe Tint Kyuu, noting that the central committee is still discussing the matter and the Consumer Affairs Department would issue a statement to that effect if agreement were reached.
        “Legal actions will be taken against those who failed to abide by the order,” he added.
        On March 14, 2014, the Consumer Protection Law was passed under Union Parliament Law No. 10, which covers the rights and duties of consumers and restrictions on businesses.

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