Mineral exports by gov’t sector decreased by $117 mn

Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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Oct 27, 2017

MINERAL exports of the Myanmar government decreased by US$117 million compared with the similar period of last fiscal year, the Ministry of Commerce reported.
        From 1 April to 13 October, the export value of mineral products totalled $698 mn, including $203 mn from the government sector and $494 mn from the private sector. This FY, the private sector export of minerals rose by $356 mn than that of last year.
        The value of mineral exports was $897 mn in 2011-12 FY; $399 mn in 2012-13 FY; $1.339 bn in 2013-14 FY; $1.498 bn in 2014-15 FY; $968 mn in 2015-16 FY and $1.010 bn in 2016-17 FY, according to the annual figures issued by the commerce ministry.

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