Export value of various peas up by nearly US$280million

Source : The Global New Light of Myanmar
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Dec 27, 2016

The export value of various peas as of mid-December in the current fiscal year amounted to US$1,057.805million, up from US$777.960million in the previous fiscal year, an increase of nearly US$280million, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
       Rice plays a key role in the agricultural export sector, followed by peas. Ninety per cent of peas produced in Myanmar are exported to foreign countries, officials said. India reportedly proposed to purchase 900,000 tonnes of peas from Myanmar, with plans to help boost production.
       Myanmar exported agricultural products worth US$1.894b, animal products worth$5.628m, fisheries products worth $365m, minerals worth over $680m, forest products worth $166m, industrial goods worth $3.409b and other commodities worth $1.199b to foreign countries. Meanwhile, capital goods worth $4.345b, raw materials worth $4.012b and personal goods worth $2.634b were imported into Myanmar.

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