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UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs makes field trip to Rakhine State
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Oct 20, 2017

The UN delegation led by United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman made a field trip to Rakhine State during which Bengalis told them to be allowed travelling freely and staying peacefully.
        Accompanied by Nyi Pu, Rakhine’s Chief Minister, Dr Chan Tha, Minister for Social Affairs, Colonel Phone Tint, Minister for Security and Border Affairs, General Administrator Kyaw Swar Tun, Jeffrey Feltman-led UN delegation visited Anaukpyin village in Yathetaung Township and Ngakhuya village and Shweyinaye village in Maungdaw Township and met resident villagers.
        In the meeting with Bengali villagers from Anaukpyin village, home to about 2707 people, Jeffrey Feltman asked them the needs for the peace and regional development. They replied that they would like the government to intervene in re-staying together with Rakhine tribes friendly like as it was so before 2012. They wanted to gain free access to travel and stay. They said that they needed a hospital inside the village in order to provide healthcare services to the villagers in time and they needed a high school.
        In the meeting with the villagers from Ngakhuya village, which Bengalis, Hindus and Rakhine ethnics are living together, a male Muslim said that they were in a state of panic about terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, the chief minister of Rakhine State asked him to clearly state why they were afraid. He replied that they were feeling afraid of the threats of ARSA extremist terrorists. Next, another male Muslim told the officials to recognize them as citizens and the government should allow them to travel freely.
        Similarly, Rakhine ethnics and Hindus in Ngakhuya village told the officials to provide them with tight security so that they would live with peace of mind. The ethnics in Shweyinaye village also present a report on the terrorist attack on Shweyinaye police station and the destruction of pagodas and images to the officials. They told the officials to shift Bengali villages to stay away from ethnics’ villages. Bengali villages standing along the road must be reallocated to stay away from it. Rakhine tribes may be in danger when they cross this road.
        Next, the UN delegation led by Jeffrey Feltman proceeded to Alodawpyae Monastery in Sittwe, where IDPs are taking shelter. They discussed with Buddhist monks from the monastery about resettlement for the IDPs. On arrival at Thetkalpyin Bengali village, the UN officials discussed with five Bengali elders including Kyaw Hla Aung.
        At 6.40 pm, the UN delegation led by Jeffrey Feltman left Sittwe airport for Yangon by air.
        The UN delegation led by Jeffrey Feltman arrived at Sittwe by air on the morning of October 17. At the guest hall of the chief minister office, they discussed with Chief Minister Nyi Pu and cabinet members about matters relating to repatriation of the refugees, rehabilitation, peace and end of conflict.
        Translated by Win Htut

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