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Natural resort to be built at Wa Ale Island
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Oct 18, 2017

Kawthoung – Myanmar is planning to build a US$10 million natural resort at Wa Ale Island, which is next to Lampi Island Marine National Park, sources said. The project will be developed by Benchmade Asia (Myanmar) Limited and the island is located in Bokpyin, Kawthoung district in Taninthayi region. The company held a public meeting at Kawthoung Hotel on October 16 to explain the environmental impact assessment (EIA) conducted for the project.
        “The company succeeded at tender in 2014. It is based in Singapore and owned by a US citizen. They said they will build bungalows using used timber from offices and houses,” said a tour guide, Min Mind. “The travellers don’t need to bring toothpastes and hair shampoo.” Min Min sadded: “We assume the project will be OK, as it is their first priority to preserve the island naturally. At present, it is the only company to explain the EIA to locals. Although there are 12 hotel projects developed in 12 islands in Kawthoung district, the company transparently let the locals to know about the EIA. We welcome their approach.” The island is located over 60 nautical miles away from Kawthoung and is a breeding habitat for turtles.
        “We will invest US$10 million in the project, with 20 per cent of thate used to preserve Lampi Island,” said project manager Aung Zin Latt from Wa Ale Eco Comp.
        “Two per cent of the profit will be used for area development, including the protection of sea turtles. Our main intention is to provide assistance for students who are doing ocean research. “The buildings will be like houses built with timber in Africa. We will only use old timber recycled from offices and houses.”

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