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MPT wins award for fastest mobile network in Myanmar
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Oct 18, 2017

MPT has beat competitors Telenor and Ooredoo to take the prize for fastest mobile network in Myanmar for the second year in a row. The award was bestowed by Ookla’s Speedtest Awards in September.
        Using an online bandwidth test developed by Ookla, thousands of smartphone users were able to gauge their download and upload speeds and submit the data to be included in the Speedtest.
        Myanmar’s results were determined using data from more than 120,000 Speedtests submitted by more than 43,000 mobile network users.
        MPT had average download speeds of 12.41Mbps and average upload speeds of 7.47Mbps. Telenor had 11.4Mbps and 6.4Mbps, respectively, and Ooredoo had 7.16Mbps and 2.94Mbps.
        Download scores were weighted to account for 90 percent of each network’s overall score. MPT’s overall score was 11.45, while Telenor scored 10.51, and Ooredoo scored 6.23.
        MPT also has the largest mobile network in Myanmar and is expanding in collaboration with Japanese providers KDDI and Sumitomo.
        However, Ooredoo’s K5 per Mb is lowest rate for mobile data in the country.

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