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Local Firms Enter Agreement to Resell Data Centre Space to Local, Foreign Companies
Source : Myanmar Business Today View Count : 3793
Jun 16, 2017

Local data centre op­erator Myint and Associates Telecom­munications (MAT) has signed an agreement to allow ICT solutions com­pany NTT Communica­tions to resell space from its Yangon data centre to local and international clients.
        NTT Communications will purchase what is known as server colloca­tion space from MAT's own data centre and then resell it on to clients in­cluding banks, the stock exchange, the govern­ment and global corpora­tions, Thein Soe Htaik, General Manager of MAT told Myanmar Business Today.
        “NTT will sell the collo­cation space at the client level while MAT will take care of facility support and operation,” he said.
        NTT aims to sell the col­location space to foreign companies looking to en­ter Myanmar who want to store their data locally and securely, said Thein Soe Htaik.
        “Myanmar's economy is changing and foreign companies are coming in. Before they would ask 'where can I keep my data?' and they would have to store it in data centres in foreign coun­try's like Thailand and Singapore. Now they can store it locally.”
        The Myint and Associ­ates Data Centre, which came online in 2015, was the first facility in Myan­mar to meet global data centre authority Uptime Institute's Tier 3 classi­fication, said Thein Soe Htaik.
        Tier 3, which sits below the highest ranking Tier 4 classification, means the facility is available for data storage 99.982% of the time, with only 1.6 hours of downtime per year. In a country plagued by blackouts and natu­ral disasters, the recent growth in the number of locally operated data cen­tres with Tier 3 classifica­tion and above is proving a boon for local and for­eign firms looking to in­vest in Myanmar.
        “This is the message we really need to get out 'if they come to invest, they can now keep their data in Myanmar'”.

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