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Five people arrested with over K17 million in counterfeit banknotes
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Jun 16, 2017

Amidst government warnings of a surge in counterfeit banknotes, five people were arrested in Mon State earlier this week after police caught them with over MMK17 million in fake currency.
        As reported by Dawei Watch, the arrest took place on Tuesday afternoon in the town of Kyaikto.
        The group had been getting away with spending the fake K5,000 and K10,000 notes around town, that is, until they became a little too carefree with their money.
        “They came from Myawaddy, and were using this money during the whole trip. They would buy K1000 worth of fruit at the fruit stands in front of the Kyaikto Township Court, and pay with a K10,000 note without taking back the change. They did this at about five different fruit stalls,” an officer from the Kyaikto Police Station told Dawei Watch.
        Eventually, witnesses got suspicious of these seemingly big spenders and called up the police. Authorities then tracked them down and searched their vehicle, which was when they found the entire stash of counterfeit notes worth K17.3 million in total.
        The group — all of whom are Myanmar nationals — are currently in custody, and will be charged under Sections 105 and 106 of the Central Bank of Myanmar Law.

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