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Yangon Institute of Economics to Conduct Studies on Business in Post-Conflict Areas
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Jun 14, 2017

The Yangon Insti­tute of Economics (YIE) will begin re­searching business in the nation’s post-conflict ar­eas in an effort to better understand the impact of war on remote communi­ties and to promote the peace process, said the university’s head.
        Speaking at a Business for Peace conference at YIE, Dr Khin Naing Oo stressed the role of educa­tion in the peace process and pledged that the uni­versity would work closely with Myanmar’s cham­ber of commerce and the United Nations Global Compact initiative to sup­port the peace effort.
        “...As for master stu­dents of YIE, the curricu­lum will add new subjects covering business eth­ics and corporate social responsibility(CSR),” said Dr Khin Naing Oo.
        “We want our students to learn about ethical business for their business activities after school, not only for profits but also to meet good CSR.”
        YIE will launch research and studies on the state of business in post-conflict areas and undeveloped regions which will be used to support the peace pro­cess, she said, adding, the university is already in the process of conduct­ing studies for a research paper on villages in Shan State.
        Dr Tun Thura, CEO of Myanmar Information Technology, told mem­bers of the audience that technology-based educa­tion is needed to support the peace process.
        “Utilizing modern tech­nology to provide services help undeveloped ar­eas progress towards eco­nomic development.”
        “Myanmar has the ca­pacity to leapfrog technol­ogy in education, health­care and the banking industry,” he added.
        Development Studies Master's student at YIE Ko Than Tun Soe said that education institutions, business people and the public must promote the importance of student re­search so that the govern­ment can use it to have an effective impact on the peace process.
        The Yangon Institute of Economics was founded as the Department of Eco­nomics of Yangon Univer­sity in 1924. Its signature courses are business ad­ministration, develop­ment studies, banking and finance.

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