Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun

[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]


Dual bad and good. Money income and go out is not stable. Interference appears for promotion. Food Industry, Drug Business give you advantage. Foreign Trip is potential. You may have support from distant relatives. Do not swim, it is dangerous. For Lottery Hobbyist, draw Lottery Ticket 39 no. start. Blue color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Urine related problem

Love : Aimed couple should get married

To do : Recite Buddha Gon Taw Preaches.


Business may be fine, and you may have success. Hesitate business may be fine back alive again easy. Your loan may be paid back again. Jobless person may have job you want. You may meet good- tempered persons. The best time to extend business. You may feel annoyed for other person’s affairs. Do not travel to east. You may have interference in education take special care. For Lottery Hobbyist, draw 24 no. included Lottery Ticket on Saturday morning, Yellow color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Eye related problem

Love : You may hear your expected love answer

To do : Donate Pea-rice equal to your age at Buddha.


Co-partner profit in business. Worries for your personal. Distant Trip potential. You should not go to South-east. Money may income due to Tuesday Born. Do not trust to traveler-companion, you may be cheated. Gambling give you no advantage. Red color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Gastric; Stomach pain

Love : You may have annoyed due to mid person’s words

To do : Donate a pair of footwear to Precept-holder.


Whatever you do, you may have success, and you may be fine. No hardship and happiness only. New House income potential. Luxury Goods may income. Be aware of Money-cheaters. Avoid south-west travel. Stored Goods profit potential. Share-partner works may be beneficial. Lottery luck potential. For Lottery Hobbyist, find no 1, 2, and draw it. Lead color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Leg wound potential

Love : For Youth, Stormy times in love

To do : Give Friends Fried Vermicelli.


Money income potential these days. Lottery Draw-like Money luck may income in piles. You may have good contact from distance. You may meet you parted relatives and friends from distance. Aims related to juniors may be succeeded. Work Interview, Job interview may be passed. You may be fine in your work and meet good changes. Be aware of wrong words. Wrong words may give you others hatred of you. For Lottery Hobbyist, draw Lottery Ticket no 3, 5. White color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Sick often.

Love : Your sweetheart may deal you stubborn manners. Your marriage life may be nearly broken due to other person’s interference

To do : Donate rice to a Travel-Monk


You may do against your willingness. You may not get along well with your work-friends, and your siblings. Your benevolence may not be esteemed and you may be misunderstood. You should not buy Machinery Goods. Family members may have bad health. Persons once you helped may give you back their hands. Bad Money luck. Unexpected success you think not may work out, and derail what you intended. You should not start new Business. Ivory color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Numbness; be aware of wrong showers

Love : You sweetheart may Work transfer/ place transfer worries of your lover

To do : Recite Gon Taw Beads; chime 10 times bell at the Famous Pagoda and wish what you Want.


Not stable mind, indecisive, wavy mind. Whatever you do, decide cool. Trade matters would not be worked out. Share Partner works may be fine. You may feel confused due to juniors. Money matters may be confused, and you may be cheated. You may have new house. Avoid Trip to North. For Lottery Hobbyist, draw No 77 pair Lottery ticket. Green color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Accidental Wound in head

Love : Honey days for couple

To do : Feed the Birds on your Birthday.

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