Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun

[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]


Your business may have chance to be successful during these days. Your business may be streamlined again and you may overcome the difficulties in your business. You may get the money gradually that somebody owes. Jobless persons may get jobs. You will meet good-natured persons. It is a good period to extend a new business. You may beembarrassedwhen you involved in other people’s affairs. Don’t set off towards the east.  Pay special attention on your education because there may be disturbance.  Persons who are interested in lottery should try luck with number, 24, on Saturday morning. Yellow color dress will bring you some luck in doing business.

Health : Eye disease happens to be suffered.

Love : Expecting love words may be heard.

To do : To be lucky, offersome bean rice on the number of your age tothe Lord Buddha.


You may get some mutual benefits during these days. You might get trouble with internal affairs. You may have chance to travel to distance places. You should not set off towards the southeast.  You may have good income in accordance with Monday born person. Don’t trust the person with whom you travel. You may be cheated money. Gambling will not be good for you. Wear red clothes while doing business and get good luck.

Health : May get stomach disorders

Love : Persons who are going to be married may be in a confused state of mind.

To do : Donate a pair of slippers to a moral person.


You may be successful in doing things during these days. You will be happy as there are not much problems. You may get a new house and luxuries. Be aware of cheaters in this period. Avoid setting off to the southwest direction. You may get profits from stored goods. May get benefitsfrom your shares. You may win a prize in a lottery. Persons who are interested in lottery should try luck with nos. 0, 2. Wear grey clothes while doing business and get good luck.

Health : Your leg might get injured.

Love : May get problems in love affairs for youngsters.

To do : Feed fried vermicelli to your friends.


You may get some income during these days. You have chance to get much money just like you win a prize in a lottery or as you are inherited.  You may get relationship from distance.  You might also meet parting friends and relatives. You might get success regarding your staff.  It is a successful period of working exam and interviews. Inconveniences in work may lessen and experience in good change. Mind your talking. Someone may hate you. Persons who are interested in lottery should try luck with nos. 3, 5. Wear white clothes while doing business and get good luck.

Health : Take care of your health. You could get sick.

Love : Face with the love problems. Someone interfere with your internal affairs and get parted.

To do : Donate a traveler monk rice charges


Unwilling work, you do not want to do, must be carried out. You may have difference attitude with your siblings and your work-friends. You may be misunderstood and your benevolence would not be esteemed. You should not buy new Machinery Goods. Your family members are in ill health. You may have support from persons once you helped them. Unexpected cases may be succeeded and planned work may fail. Bad Money Luck these days. You should not start a new Business. Ivory color wear is lucky for work

Health : Numbness. Be aware of wrong showers.

Love : Worries for your sweetheart.

To do : Chime 6 times of the Bell at Famous Pagoda and wish what you want.


Your mind will be instable and Indecisive these days. Decide things import withcalm mind. Trade may be not succeeded. Joint /Partner work may succeed. You may feel distressed due to your juniors. You may face Money matters complicated. You may be cheated. You may have new house. Avoid Trip to North. Find and draw Lottery Ticket no. 77 pair. Green color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Accidental wound on Head.

Love : Honey days.

To do : Feed Birds on your Birthday.


Both good and bad things will come to you. Money ins and outsare not stable. Interference appears for promotion. Food Industry, Drug Business give you advantage. Foreign Trip is potential. You may have support from distant relatives. Do not swim, it is dangerous. Persons who are interested in lottery should try luck with nos. 39. Blue color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Urine related problem.

Love : Aimed couple should get married.

To do : Recite Buddha Gon Taw Preaches.

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