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Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun
[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]
18th Aug 2017 - 24th Aug 2017

You may have support and ideas from your old friends and Teachers and superior. Paused works may be operated again. Works done for family may be come fine. Luxury Goods may income. You may have Domestic and Foreign Trips good as Pilgrim Trips. You may have improvement without delay in Education. Machines may be broken down. You may have messages from your close relatives and close friends from distance. Green color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Urine related cases
Love :   We may meet again old lover
To do :  Give 5 Apples gift to your friends


Bad Health. You may be short tempered from small to big problem, hard to solve, tends happen. Much cost these days. Thief, Electric Shock, Accidents potential. Foreign Trip chances may be fine and you may succeed. Training, Interview cases may be passed. Trouble relatives and helpful teachers and friends may appear together. For lottery Hobbyist draw No. 2 start, No 7 end lottery ticket. Yellow color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Dizziness, head-ache
Love :   You may feel pleased as if you walk on flower beds
To do :  Have Pilgrim Trip with Family


Improvement these days. You may start a new life turn. Your decision, your goal may be changed. Work transfer potential. New vicinity and new persons you start deal now may give you advantages. Hard to face and solve problem to solve, these days are the best time. Family affairs, work affairs, Money Matters may be fine to speak and to work out. For lottery Hobbyist, clap a Mobile lottery shop and draw no. 5 start, No.9 ends lottery ticket. You have lucky lottery draw luck. You may feel dissatisfied of your juniors. White color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Weak nerves
Love :   For Youth, Your lovers reputation may be effected.
To do :  Feed the Birds


Good changes and work joint appear. Whatever you do, it may have obvious improvement. New Job search, work  transfer may be fine. Own Business should extend work. You may solve by yourself which other persons could not carry out. Zinc, Fishery products, Iron work may have special success, Yellow color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Stomach related disease potential
Love :   Youth may hear expected answer from your lover
To do : Give a cake gift to Aged couple on your Birthday.


Love with care, many hazards potential. Thing you handle daily may be lost. Worries potential for your parents, Seniors and siblings. Need to live on work, deeds and diet,. Thief horn electricity harm potential. You may have good help and contact from distance. Strawberry color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Accidental wound.
Love :   Your couple may be for due to mid person.
To do :  Do Religious works many more. Recite daily 9 Gon Taw Beads rounds.


Argument potential. You may explain fro misunderstanding. You may confront with opposite conceptual persons. Changes and development these days. Old chances may come back again you may have them again. New work, new places, new contracts potential. Foreign Trip arranging person may be fine. Broker works give you advantage. White and Lead color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Body climbs pain/ ache and fever potential.
Love :   Not certain love may group again.
To do :  Give your friends fried Indian Triangle Shape food and Tea Full.


Your will fulfill and improvement rival caches these days. You may have good opportunities to open your idea and objectives in a new road. Money income may improve. Work is fine and you may have success. You should have a Pilgrim Trip. If you have plan, you could do Share partner/ joint partner business. Special luck in Education. Myanmar Character(Ah) start 173end .You may be inherited. Purple color wear is lucky for work.

Health : You may get cold
Love :   You may be pleased you indulge your sweetheart
To do :  Donate Buddha at home with oil light equal to your age. Recite Gon Taw Beads.