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Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun
[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]
16th March 2018 - 22th March 2018

Your business condition will be good these days. You should expand your business. You will get good idea and supports  from friends. You would inherit things. You will have some family‘ s problems. You could be degraded because of opposite sex. Wearing strawberry color will bring you good lucks. Number 22 will be lucky number when you buy lottery ticket by facing east.

Health : There is some possibility to defecate because of wrong food you ate.
Love :   Elder people can disturb love life of young people
To do :  Donate money to old people


You will be lucky these days. You may need to help social problems among friends. You will have change to visit new place you have never been.   You will be able to realize your new ideas and desire. You will get help from good friends. Take care of elder person health at home. You have some faith to go abroad. Yellow color clothing will bring you good luck. For who interest in lottery, the guest coming to you have wining number. So get it from him.

Health : You will get cold.
Love :   You will be  away from your love.
To do :  Treat fried noodle to friends.


You will be very tired in both mind and body these days. You have to be dizzy with money matters. You can get cheated when you arrange to go abroad. You can lost money. So beware. Sky blue color will bring you good luck in business.

Health : Can get Headache.
Love :   You will meet cute kids. Love life will be fine.
To do :  Myittar Sutta everyday.


You will hear good news from far way friends or siblings. You will get back our lost money. Your lost items will be found. You will have some rivals in business. You may need to sign important documents. If you were a staff, you will get support from superiors. Coral color clothing will bring good luck.

Health : Suffer stiffness in the neck or back, become numb.
Love :   You will have difficulty in your love life.
To do : Treat "Nan Gyi" salad to friends.


You need to do many good deeds because bad luck following you. You can get accuses from colleges and friends. You need to involve in some social matters of friends and need to use a lot of money these days. You should be relaxed while you are working on business matters. You should be focused on religious activities. Sale business started with Wednesday born horoscopes' character will be good like fishery products. Grey color clothing will bring you good luck.

Health : Suffer from the sharp stabs of pain within the abdomen or the thorax
Love :   For young people , there will be changes in their love life.
To do :  Feed dogs with mutton curry and left over streamed rice on  Friday evening.


You will gain a lot of success these days. You will have change to do two jobs at the same time. Your money matter will be fine. Both starting new business and putting shares in other business will be good these days. Foreign trips will also be smooth for you. You can face some problems because of closed relatives. Lucky lottery ticket number for you is 6, 7 and 8. Pale yellow color or buff color clothing will bring you good luck  in business.

Health : Suffer from heat prostration or sunstroke.
Love :   No worry for our love life. will be filled with so much happiness.
To do :  Donate 3 garland of  jasmine and 3 dumplings.


Unexpected problems will come up these days. You head problem will lead you some mistakes in business. Your wrong words will create hate of others upon you. Car sales will be good. New business, connections will come to you. You will lose  a lot of money because of inferiors. Orange color clothing will bring you good luck.

Health : Stomach Problem.
Love :   You will get misunderstanding from your love because you can't give much time.
To do :  Donate some clothing to poor people. wish to overcome current problem of you.