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Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun
[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]
20th July 2018 - 26th July 2018

Advantageous Business may appear. You may feel distressed due to personal affairs. You may have distant trips. You may have items income related to Tuesday and Saturday Born. Deal with care to Thursday Born otherwise you may have problem. Gambling does not give you any benefit. Though you may face compete with Business rivals and opponents, you would take over the hardships. You may have good support from your relatives. Yellow color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Stomach pain.
Love : You should not give prior to Heart matters
To do : Donate diet and drug to sick and ill health people.


You may encounter a life-turn unexpectedly. You should expand a new Business. Whatever you do, it is fine. You could conduct to success, even works that are guessed impossible with difficulties. You may have good news about your distance relatives, siblings and persons whom you love. You may have special care on Money matters, valuable Jewelry Goods, otherwise you may be cheated. You may have new Furniture and new utilities income. For Lottery Hobbyist, draw Lottery Ticket no. 4 start, no. 6 end on your trip. Pink color wear is lucky for work.

Health :Limbs accidentally wounded is potential.
Love :  You may meet again your distantlLover.
To do : Donate Buddha rice with 9 Custard Apples.


Dual good and bad these days. Good Reputation. If you were a staff, you may have Promotion. You should care from potential errors from Trading Contract Book-Keeping matters. Other person’s wrong affairs may be solved by you. You may have trouble by your trusted juniors. Ill health in family members, so you should take care of good health. For Lottery Hobbyist, lucky no. is no. 11 end Lottery Ticket. Orange color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Stomach problem.
Love :  Gift from you sweet-heart.
To do :  Throw and feed Street-dogs with 2 fried Pea-balls in your Birthday evening.


Money income and expense instable in hand. Food stuff, Industrial Business, Drug distribution and its trading may give you advantage. If you arrange Foreign Trip, it may be fine. You may intervene and solve other person’s social affairs. Other Religion, other Nationality may give you advantage and you may have support. For Lottery Hobbyist, call a Saturday Born for companion and draw no. 30 start Lottery Ticket. White color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Weak nerves.
Love : Wavy mind for love.
To do : Donate Buddha (3) new Kantkaw branches.


Good news, good guests’ arrival is potential. You may have good news of your relatives and friends. Trade is fine. Business extension/ start a new one available to do Foreign Trip arranging persons may be fine. You may help support other person’s Love matters and spouse matters. For Lottery Hobbyist, have Jaggerypiece on Saturday, and draw Lottery Ticket no. 77 pair starts. Straw berry color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Chronic Patients may meet good drug, good Physician.
Love :  Couple may be parted by mid-person.
To do : Donate Travel charges to a Monk-Traveler.


You may meet again your old teachers. If you donate participate in Religious Buildings construction and take pilgrimage, you may have good luck. Foreign Trip arranging persons may have a little delay. You may have news from distance. Long time forgotten cases may appear in a surprise and you may solve it. For Lottery Hobbyist, recite GonTaw (9) rounds from (9-10:30) am (period) and draw Lottery Ticket no. (19) Pair on your Birthday morning. Purple color is lucky for work.

Health : Urine, Kidney related case potential.
Love :   You may not feel satisfy in love matters.
To do :  Donate Buddha pouring water on your Birthday Corner.


Bad luck these days. Whatever you do, it is not fine. You may have arguments and misunderstood by your Peer-workers. Only having patience and forgiveness may make you fine. Family matters are not fine; one case may make you all not united and get alongwell. Valuable thing may be lost. Very good luck in Education. Persons who have not job yet, are not easy to have job they desire. For Lottery Hobbyist, draw Lottery Ticket no. 58 pair. White color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Cough/ Running-nose is potential.
Love :  Good news from your sweetheart.
To do :  Donate Buddha Milk -rice.