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Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun
[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]
13th Oct 2017 - 19th Oct 2017

You may be reputable during these days. Chiefs may help in your business ideas. You will be treated good meals. You may go to a happy trip. Your Business may get more profit than you think. Opposition may be in the west. Tell the beads with a determined decision for religion.  Bring Bud of water cress, orientate and pick lottery numbers "342"  for lottery buffs. For job, u will wear dress with pale yellow color to be lucky.

Health : You may get pain in your joints.
Love :   Persuade your grouchy sweetheart.
To do :  Please clean the religious buildings. Fill water in water pot.


You may be cheated in these days. Your will do service to others but ears are burning. You may get blame. You may get posting. Encounter to go for a trip. You can get good result in joint venture. To be Lucky, you will wear white dress.

Health : May be burns with electrical current.
Love :   Get hard-luck love.
To do :  Please recite patthana pali.


You may get good new ideas in these days. Job seekers will be achieved. Get new electrical devices. You may get a chance to make donation charity and merits with your friends. You may get misunderstanding in your family. Your domesticity will be confused. Please master your anger. It will be convenient in foreign trip. To be Lucky in business, wear red dress.

Health : Good time to get health care for chronic illness.
Love :   You will meet temporary sweetheart on the journey.
To do :  Please donate white flowers to the statue of buddha  at home on your birthday.


You may get misunderstanding in these days. Take care of your talk. Don't intervene other people's problems. Make your decisions bravely. You will get success.  You will be convenient to go abroad. You will get loan money back. You will get good luck in education. Important documents may be lost. Please be careful. To be Lucky in business, wear blue dress.

Health : You may suffer stiffness in the neck or back and nervous system.
Love :   Be patient with your sweetheart's jealousy.
To do : Treat your friends with cake and coffee.


You may make everything within the conflict. You may complete your unsettled jobs. Unexpected Changes will come. Please be careful your trip. You may be successful in your job and education. Valuable things may be lost. Wear yellow dress to be lucky.

Health : You may get stomach disorder. Take care of your food.
Love :   You may encounter an old lover unexpectedly.
To do :  Pay respects to elders with presents.


You may get good news from far away in these days. You have a busy time for yourself as well as for others. You may be doing your job through difficulties. Some misunderstanding between you and your seniors. Due to your true frankness, you will get angry. Your longing business will be implemented. You may get good income unexpectedly. Wear grey color to be lucky.

Health : You may get ailment caused by flatus.
Love :   May get good luck in love.
To do :  Offer meals to a travelling monk.


You may meet your old friends during these days. Overnight guests may arrive at your home. You may find happiness of younger ones. May get presents from your mother. You may get gold and new household goods. Contemplative work may be fine.  To get good luck, wear strawberry color dress in doing business.

Health : May catch cold.
Love :   Lover from far away may return
To do :  Offer six eugenia tendrons and ten roses to Lord Buddha on early morning of your birthday.