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Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun
[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]
14th September 2018 - 20th September 2018

You may be fine and have success these days. You may have short trips often. You may have good friends. Good guest may arrive and you may have valuable things income. Inherited case is not fine. New Machinery Goods may income. You should start a new Business. You may have success as much as you try. Purple color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Head wound potential.
Love : Couple may have misunderstanding.
To do : Give a Perfume gift to a friend.


You may meet hardship and problem. Income money and cost is not in balance. You may have money rivals and opponents. You may have success against hardship. Foreign Trip, Partner-Share Business may delay. Housing Goods Trading Business is fine. You may lose Valuable Jewelry Goods. Take Special case of Aged at home. Pink color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Stomach problem potential.
Love :  You may feel worried about love.
To do : Invite your friends for meal on your Birthday.


Bad Luck. Whatever you do, you lose and you may feel distressed. You should not do what you desire these days. You should not invest capital in Share-Partner Business. Otherwise your money may be cheated by lies. You may have loan back. You may have parted siblings and friend’s news. Fill your seniors/ parent’s needs. You may meet person who will help you. You should not accept Night Guest should not be accepted. Wear (Cream) Nant-Thar color is lucky for work.

Health : Chromic potential may find good drug and disease may be come released.
Love : Value your lover’s Loyalty, you may feel cool for love.
To do : Clean at Religious Building.


Musicians, Literature, and artists may have special success these days. You may move your bad temporary. You may give temporary house transfer. Take care of good health for voyage-tickers. Dizziness, high fever is potential. Valuable machinery goods may income. You may have money surprisingly from an unexpected person. You may feel annoyed due to social works. For lottery ticket No.(17) pair start. White color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Arthritis potential.
Love : Though couple may get well along, they may be parted due to mid person.
To do : Food the birds and wish you want.


Much money income is potential. You may have new house. You may help and solve your friend's social works. You may have trips you have never been before. Gold/ Gem goods may income. You may have new business extension. If you have old footwear, umbrellas at your house, throw them away. You may have support from your seniors. Much expense for your juniors is potential. Blue, green, Turquoise color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Weak nerve. You could not sleep and eat well.
Love : If you have no lover, you may get one.
To do : Share children with cushy food.


Whatever you do/ you are not fine. You may be misunderstood – your friends. You may have argument. You should take care of your words. Be patient your family matters may be confused. Valuable thing loss potential. Your thing may be stolen by a thief. Foreign Trip and Domestic Trip arranging Persons may be fine. Education, Training works may be succeeded against hardship. Strawberry color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Urine related problem.
Love :  Distant lover may come back. You may have good news from your sweet heart.
To do :  Remove 7 Pricks from 7 Red Roses and donate at Buddha.


You may meet you good friends. If you take a one-day-Pilgrim trip, you may have good luck. Foreign Trip arranging persons may succeed. Tuesday Things of high value such as (Sa, Saa, Za, Zaa, Nya) sound start Business may fine you benefit and you may have good success long time forgotten Cases may become problem. Yellow color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Knee/ waist pain is potential.
Love : Good luck. Your friends may join your couple.
To do : Donate Buddha with rice and (9) kinds of Fruits.