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Weekly Predictions Of Seven-day-borns by Sayar Htun
[Fortuneteller and Palmlist A Wai-yah Sayar Htun, Student of Sayar Gyi Min Thein Kha]
23th June 2017 - 29 th June 2017

You may not be interested in anything. Whatever you plan, it may not work. Whatever you do, you should work cool. New Business, new place, new contacts may appear. Special success in Education. You may have Foreign trip. Not so bad matters except you feel not satisfied, Strawberry color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Stomach pain
Love :   Stormy times in love
To do :  Donate Buddha book and donate drug.


Whatever you do, you may miss it. You may meet many matters to be patient and you feel not satisfied. You are not at home and you feel not any interested in work. You should stay still these days, and should not start a new Business. You may feel distressed for place/ for family. Contract Bonds matters may be confused. Bad luck in money. Ivory color wear is lucky of work.

Health : Be aware of mental Health
Love :   Big problem to be solved between couple and they may be misunderstood
To do :  Recite 24 BuddhaPahtaan Preaches and send Metta.


Post transfer is potential. You may have problem due to loss of control of anger. If you have old bowl, throw it away. You may meet a stubborn Speaker. Drive care engine vehicles. Joint work with Tuesday Born. You may lose a problem you are facing. Real Brown color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Eyes problem
Love :   Worries for your Lover
To do :  Chime Bell 6 times in Pagoda and wish what you want.


Much money may income these days. You may have new house. You may solve your friends' problem. You may have been a new place you have never been before. Gold items may income Do not accept Night Guest. Have support from Tuesday Born. Unexpected news from distance. Brown color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Stomach related problem is potential
Love :   You may be parted temporary from your Lover
To do : Share Children food.


Bad luck. Whatever you do, you may have loss. You should not do stubborn as you want to do. It is not the suitable time to invest Money Capital. Honey shares, no profit, all loss. Your Money would not be paid back. You may have your relatives and your siblings' information. Fill your parent's needs. Your helper may appear. White color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Dizziness/Head-ache
Love :   You may feel pleased and you may have gifts
To do :  Recite 9 GonTaw Beads and recite Metta Buddha Preaches.


Through you try very hard, it is not work-hard worthy. You may feel exhausted both mental and physical; you may be affected. You may feel confused related to Money matters. Foreign Trip, Foreigner-joint work may have success. Relatives may give you trouble, and your teacher and good friends may help you. Nant-Thar (Cream) color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Legs and waist hurt.
Love :   For Youth couple, your couple may be at a distance
To do :  Give an umbrella gift to your senior.


You are in very bad luck. You wrongfully join a bad friend. Work transfer/ Place transfer is potential. You may be cheated in a case related with Money matters. Not stable mind, worry and no will to do any work these days. Sky Blue color wear is lucky for work.

Health : Hypertension. Be aware for work
Love :   Bad luck these days
To do :  Have a one day Pilgrim Trip. Donate a Traveler Drinking-water.