State-owned Resource Extraction Businesses Lacks Transparency: MEITI Report
BUSINESS Jul 17, 2018
Myanmar’s state-owned resource extraction businesses still lacks transparency, according to a recent report by Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI). Myanmar was admitted ... 28
Approval Process for Live Cattle Export Needs to be Shortened
GENERAL Jul 17, 2018
A regular meeting between Vice Present of Myanmar, and the countries business leaders was held July 6, 2018. Present at this meeting, was U Sein Aye Maung, President of Magway Region Chamber of Commer... 20
Myanmar Government Steps in to Curb Surging Fuel Prices
GENERAL Jul 17, 2018
The Myanmar Government started selling 3 million gallons of gasoline at 8 state-owned gas stations on July 1, to control possible price hikes amid fears that local fuel costs will follow the surging g... 17
Record High USD Exchange Rate Likely to Trigger Commodity Price Hike
BUSINESS Jul 17, 2018
Since the USD/MMK exchange rate has been rising and spiked at K1,400 against the dollar, it’s likely to trigger a rise in basic commodity prices, U Tun Aye, President of Myanmar Fishery Products Pro... 24
Yangon Among the Fastest 4G Cities in East Asia: OpenSignal
GENERAL Jul 17, 2018
In the last year, OpenSignal has ramped up its coverage in East Asia, introducing new State of Mobile Networks reports for Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. [Editor’s Not... 18

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